Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New members of the family

There are 2 new members of our family. Princess Leiah the dog and Boba Fett the kitty. Leiah is a 1 year old Husky we got from a neighbor who was neglecting her greatly. She is a very energetic dog and we are still tweeking the training issues but overall I think she will be a great addition.
Shortly after we got Leiah, sweet baby kitten Boba showed up in our lives and we couldnt live without him. Yes the count is right, 4 CATS!!!! If you are a cat owner you know that cats are extremely low maintanence so having 4 has been no big deal except for more frequent litter box cleaning. He is such a lover and I truly believe him and Obie were brothers in one of their lives reconnected because they are the very best of friends.
So that is our family at this point. Kids are still on hold. School is finishing soon so maybe more talk of that in the near future but for now our four legged kids are the loves of our lives and Im so proud to say I love them and will give them a very safe, fun and loved life.

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